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Basic features

SimpleNotes is extremely easy to use. After installing click on the desktop shortcut or go to the menu Start->Programs->SNotes. Icon of SimpleNotes will appear in the system tray. Press global hotkey ScrollLock (by default) or click on icon in the system tray to see main window of SimpleNotes. Now you have some start pages - read it to know about some features. If you want to create, delete or rename page right-click on the page title and choose any item in menu, or you can click such button on the bottom toolbar. If you want to move any page to another place between other pages hold left mouse button on i's title and move it (drag&drop). You can save page in rtf (supported with MS Word) format or print it - choose item in the "File" menu or on the bottom toolbar. Also on the bottom toolbar you can find buttons for search, calculator, backup and restore. Basic actions with text and clipboard can be found in menu "Edit", and actions with images and objects are there, too. In "View" menu you can change some preferences, turn on/off toolbars. In "Format" menu you can change font properities in editor, select background color for every page. A lot of features are in the context menu of the editor. You can minimize programm to the tray by pressing ScrollLock (by default) or Esc. In this mode SimpleNotes using is about 1,3 Mb of RAM. Here are described only basic features of SimpleNotes, you can explore and use all other features because it is very easy and comfortable to do.

System requirements

    OS Win95/98/Me/2K/XP/Vista, mouse, keyboard, 3Мb RAM, 2.0Мb free space

Installing SimpleNotes

    Download setup archive (or take it from the friend). Launch setup and ask for a few questions. If you have allready installed version of SNotes, then do not remove it - installator will automaticly detect your old version, update it and save all your information during setup.

Two modes of SimpleNotes

    Begining from version 0.2.1b SimpleNotes can work in one of two modes - "Normal" and "Security". In "Normal" mode program saves all information on page changing and on minimizing. In "Security" mode SimpleNotes saves every entered symbol in a moment, so you can be sure that all your information will be saved even if the problems with power will appear. But in time of high CPU loading (~95-99%) SimpleNotes will work too slowly in this mode, and in "Normal" mode it takes extra 0,5 Mb RAM. So, it is your choice - just open window with preferences and choose. I recommend you to use "Normal" mode.
   Also begining from version 0.4.0 every page in SimpleNotes can work in "rtf-format" or in "txt-format". You can choose it for current page at the top right corner, from the drop-down listbox. If current page is in "rtf-format" all text formating features are enabled, as image inserting and object inserting. If current page is in "txt-format" then some text formating features (font style, font color, indents, un-indents and so on), inserting images and objects will be disabled. It is similar like Notepad. You can use it when you need to type plain text (maybe programming code, html-code and so on) without formating symbols (as simple txt-file). When you save page using "Save as.." SimpleNotes will automaticly save file with extension .txt or .rtf depending on page format.

License agreement

  SimpleNotes is distributed under the terms of GPLv2.  

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