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Components for building SimpleNotes from source.

Source files of SimpleNotes
TB2K + TBX + TBX patch
Theme Manager
Office 2003 Theme

Here you can download any version of SimpleNotes.

Bugfixes, changes in user interface, other improvements, added Dutch language. Full changelog is here.
896 KB
Bug with not executing program if there is no printer installed was fixed.
795 KB
Updated icons, new logo, restoration feature, window with printing parameters and other changes.
794 KB
Now you can add page by openning any file (Ctrl+O), working with file with preferences and error catching were improved, bugs were fixed. Full list of changes is here.
760 KB
Ctrl+X was fixed, Restore-Timer was removed, added option to hide main menu, some changes in hotkeys and other small improvements.
752 KB
Fixed English translation, searching and replacing in text, window for folder selection changed.
759 KB
Few fixes, new window for folder selection (backup folder), some themes were deleted.
759 B
The GREAT amount of new features and changes. You must see it!
792 B
Bugs from previous release were fixed.
743 B
Stability was improved, few changes in the interface.
743 B
Few changes, bugs fixed.
Revolutional release . Waiting for final version. Changes.
750 B
MANY changes! All changes listed here.
658 B
Now programd doesn't flash on start, cursor position correctly saves and loads.
559 B
A lot of changes. URL autodetection, combo-box with fonts, fade showing, 2 modes of SimpleNotes, working with text improved, bugs fixed.
552 B
Added window with preferences, now any change of text is saving, bugs fixed, prevention of two running copies of SimpleNotes, unusable buttons deleted.
498 B
A lot of new features and bugfixes. See changelog.
492 B
Bug with text formating and adjusting in Windows 95/98/Me was fixed (buttons didn't work).
483 B
First release of SimpleNotes.
447 B
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