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Welcome to SimpleNotes homepage!

    SimpleNotes is a program which you can access any time you work with computer. I think, you often need to write some information - maybe passwords or information from the website. You can write it on papper sheets or in notepad. But soon your table will be covered with sheets and other papper, and display will be all in yellow sticks:) And such a great amount of information is too hard to sort or systemize, or you can lost some important data. SimpleNotes will help you to keep your information sorted and easy-accessible. You can store in it any kind of data (personal, holidays, relations' and friends' birthdays, passwords and logins, your plans, addresses and phone numbers, jokes, results of football matches and anything you want else), by the way SimpleNotes supports multipages. So why you can sort all information between different pages as you want. It automaticly saves all data before closing and page changing and you shouldn't worry about it. Also SimpleNotes has a great amount of features to edit entered text. Customizing SimpleNotes will not take a lot of time. And some additional features such as backup will make using this program more comfortable. Thank you for visiting this website!
P.S. Sorry for my bad English, because I'm not native englishman, so please correct me if you can.

SNotes with an image MS Word in SNotes

WARNING!!! Do not delete old version of SimpleNotes for updating. Installer will automaticly update it and save your information.


06.11.2008 First release after the long rest. In new version 0.5.0 bugs were fixed, some changes in user interface were made, some other improvements Great news for Dutch users - Dutch language was added to SimpleNotes! Also there were important changes in license politics -now SimpleNotes is distributed under the GPLv2. Source files can be downloaded here. See building instructions inside archive with source files. Some components can be downloaded in Download section. If you need JVCL 3.2 - please contact me.

29.10.2006 Bug with not executing program if there is no printer installed was fixed. New version is here.

27.10.2006 New release of SimpleNotes - 0.4.6. In this version icons were updated, program now has new logo, added restoration feature (F5), added window with printing parameters, and other changes and fixes.

23.07.2006 New vrsion 0.4.5 of SimpleNotes. All changes you can read here. Work was directed on the improving of error catching and code reorganizing. Btw, new function (adding page by openning any file - Ctrl+O) is very useful, too.

17.07.2006 New version 0.4.3 of SimpleNotes. All changes are here. Some hotkeys were changed (calculator, backup and main menu). Also website was updated. Thanks all for suggestions and bug reports.

31.05.2006 Guestbook was added at the website. You can leave posts and questions in it.

30.05.2006 New release 0.4.1 with some important fixes (searching and replacing in text). Website was translated into English. Please, correct me. First award from www.softpedia.com was received.

23.05.2006 After small break developing of SimpleNotes was continued and new version 0.4.1 with some changes was released. Next release will be targeted at code stabilization, but I have a big request to all who is using SimpleNotes: write me your opinion about the program and your suggestions for new features. Your opinion is very important for new versions.

28.07.2005 New version of SimpleNotes 0.4.0 was released. This is the new level of SimpleNotes. A LOT of changes and new features.

8.07.2005 Yeah! Final version 0.2.9. Fixed all found errors. Take fun! Website was updated.

17.06.2005 New release candidate (when does it happen?:)) - 0.2.9rc3. If this candidate will be stable (1-2 small bugs maximum), final version 0.2.9 will come soon.

30.05.2005 Fresh version - 0.2.9rc1. Sorry, but previous release candidate was unstable - too many small bugs for final version.

30.04.2005 After the time version 0.2.5rc1 was released. Rather a lot of many changes and new features.

10.04.2005 Website was updated. Now it uses new, more quickly engine. Design is much easly now.

19.01.2005 New version of SimpleNotes 0.2.2b was released. A lot of bugs were fixed. Interface was improved.

28.12.2004 Small update of design at website- flash-animation was added.

1.11.2004 New version of SimpleNotes 0.2.1b.

1.10.2004 Version (0.2.0b) of SimpleNotes was released - critical errors were fixed and new features were added.

9.09.2004 Critical error under Windows 95/98/Me was fixed.New version came out 0.1.1b.

8.09.2004 Now the most stable version of the program is 0.1b. You can download SimpleNotes from this page by clicking on version number, or you can do it in Download section.



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